Almut Kühne (b.1983 in Dresden, Germany) began her journey into music with piano lessons at the age of seven. Nine years later she started to take singing lessons and discovered soon that it meant more to her than a hobby.
In 2008 she earned her degree in Jazz studies from the „Hanns Eisler“ Music Conservatory in Berlin, where she was already searching for ways to bring together her European musical roots with the explorative elements of jazz and improvised music. Coming from an artistic family, she also strove to incorporate visual components into her projects. Over the last years she has worked with musicians, dancers, video artists and painters, all of which have had an influence on the development of her own performance style.


Recently, Almut has released two cds on Unit Records: „Silver White Archives“: a Duo with saxophonist Gebhard Ullmann and „Ticho“: a trio with pianist Marc Schmolling and trumpeter Tom Arthurs.
In 2009 and 2016 she won the Berlin studio award by the Berlin senate and was selected for the residency MUSIC OMI upstate New York with 13 other musicians from all over the world.


One of Almut’s main projects called „Dowland Waters“ is based on the music of English Renaissance composer and lutenist John Dowland.
In this project she is joined by Johanna Borchert on piano, harpsichord and voice, Antonis Anissegos on electronics and organ, Benjamin Schindler and Markus Glandt on visuals.


She performs solo, in duos (e.g. with Gebhard Ullmann and Anthony Coleman) small and large groups in Europe, the US and Mexico.

Almut has sung several contemporary compositions including:
„Anaphora“ by Michael Edward Edgerton: piece for solo voice
„Ryoanji“ and „Five“ by John Cage with Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin
„Consultationen II“ by Helmut Lachenmann for 14 Voices with Dresdner Kammerchor
„Zugriffe“ by Georg Graewe with himself on piano
„Spielwerk“ by Ondrey Adamek with Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin
„Das atmende Klarsein“ by Luigi Nono with Ensemble AuditivVokal Dresden

…and has performed in several music theater productions including:
2012 as granny, tattooist and light girl in „Berliner Leben“ an adaption of „La Vie Parisienne“ (Jacques Offenbach) directed by Hendrik Müller (Neuköllner Oper)
2011 as Puck in „Ein Sommernachtstraum“ (William Shakespeare) directed by Anke Rauthmann at Thikwa Theater Berlin
2010 as Europa in „Der Sonne und dem Tod kann man nicht ins Auge sehen“ (Wajdi Mouawad) directed by Eva-Maria Höckmeier at Luzerner Theater